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    .. to be continued

    Alia Azamat was born Alia Abduraimova on March 4, 1995 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and was raised by her paternal grandmother, Rano (soviet writer and journalist) in Moscow, Russia. Alia went to prestigious Moscow High School of Arts, where she was very involved in drama and literature club, and then graduated as an Honor student.


    Her father, Azamat Abduraimov is a Champion of 1994 Asian Games soccer tournament in Hiroshima, Japan who started his soccer career in 12 times Soviet Champion soccer club "FC Spartak Moscow". Alia's paternal grandfather Berador Abduraimov is the Master of Sports of the USSR and the best Uzbek goals scorer in the 20th century, he is also considered as one of the best strikers and greatest football players in the history of Uzbek football.


    Alia started her career in 2006 as a sports journalist in "Otechestvenny Futbol" monthly magazine, later shifting to more of a reportorial style in a Russian national newspaper #1 for teachers and educators "Uchitelskaya Gazeta". Alia'd achieved an impressive journalistic career, - especially for her very young age, - only to realize that her true love, and her true talent, lay in dramatic writing and visual storytelling.


    From 2008 to 2010 Alia collaborated with United Nations Information Center in Moscow as a Writer and Director of their annual International Peacemaking Festivals. Alia was Honored with a UN medal for the "Heart to Heart" and "We live dreaming of Peace" screenplays, as well as Acknowledged for writing and directing one-man-theater performance "Michael Jackson: Peacemaking" and a theatrical short film "Sadako" about a Japanese little girl Sadako Sasaki, one of the most widely known victim of Hiroshima nuclear attack, remembered through the story of the one thousand origami cranes she folded before her death.


    In 2012 Alia created and hosted a daily radio show, "Azamat's Champions" on Radio Terra which became one of the most popular entertainment radio shows at that time.


    Already having a prominent Poet career in Russia, in 2013 Alia wrote a song "Solnce" (The Sun) for a popular music band Sahar. The song became chart-topping hit in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan and was frequently rotated on Ukranian radio stations.


    In 2014 Alia moved to the New York city to pursue a career in film and television. She won a talent based scholarship and graduated from the New York Film Academy in 2015 as a Screenwriter and Playwright. Ever since she is working in the US film industry as a Writer and Script Consultant.


    Alia is best known for her emotional, often ensemble cast, linear storytelling with a use of unconventional narrative devices, such as retrospect, dream sequences and flashbacks. Her screenplays often include one long scene in the beginning of the first act, where a character is having a "Private Moment" alone in his/her bathroom. Any extreme violence in her films is suggested off-screen. Alia prefers to start most of her films with a main titles shown before the actual first scene involving talking characters (an "old-school" style). The genre of classic slasher Horror/Thriller and female-driven Family Drama became of a specialty of Alia Azamat. She also often shows a relationship between an older experienced character (Mentor/Coach) and a younger ambitious Protagonist in a manner similar to a parent-child. Alia grew up in the Moscow city, but spent most of her summers in the family mansion in Tashkent, surrounded by water and mountains, which later became an inspiration for her to set most of her films in the nature-wealthy environments like New Jersey suburbans, Australian beach-towns, Malaysia and Upstate New York, etc.


    As a young girl, she became intrigued with Kabbalah magic and playing backgammon, two hobbies that she continues to this day. In fact, Alia is an American Expert Backgammon player and a Winner of the 2015 Capital Classic Backgammon Championship held in Washington D.C., as well as a Winner of the 2016 Ultimate Backgammon Package Tournament held in San Antonio, Texas. She was a numerous-time Finalist of such extinguished US Championships, as Las Vegas Open and New York Metropolitan Open.


    Alia Azamat is Executive Producer and Head of the Story Department of the New York based production company, Little White Rabbit Films; as well as the Story Editor in the Command Performance Productions (NY).


    -- by Anna Frei


    "Otechestvenny Futbol" (National Soccer) Montly Sports Magazine


    Special correspondent & Сolumnist

    Moscow, Russia


    Sport Fashion Style Monthly Magazine

    Writer / Producer of the Magazine's official Presentation and the Big Charity Show supported by lots of local сelebrities and sportsmen.

    Moscow, Russia


    Collection Premiere Moscow


    Moscow, Russia




    PR Director & Media Producer

    Moscow, Russia



    Charlie Armstrong





    Event Creator & Media Producer

    Moscow, Russia


    Radio Terra 105FM

    Writer/Producer and Host of Daily Radio Show "AZAMAT'S CHAMPIONS"

    Tashkent, Uzbekistan


    Bella Terra Magazine

    Junior Literature and Arts Editor

    Tashkent, Uzbekistan


    L'OFFICIEL Central Asia

    Special Projects Manager

    Moscow, Russia


    One Source Talent Agency


    New York City, USA

    New York Film Academy

    Screenwriting for Film and TV

    New York City, USA



    Special for the New York Film Academy Talents Award


    In a few months, I had the distinct, but sobering, honor of blowing out 19 candles on my birthday cake.

    Don’t get me wrong: that doesn’t mean I’m young! I am just a practical Dreamer. And it’s absolutely so.

    Well, let me finally introduce myself. Hi, I’m Alia. Okay, I’m Alia and I honestly need a Lift. Okay, not just Lift (for you in the United States it’s more often to sound like «elevator») so, Finally... I need a Start.

    Yes, a Start from that I could go create just about anything I could Dream up – an extension of my Imagination.

          So mote it be. Let’s go telling...

            My childhood dream was to become a children’s writer, so I began practice in some short tales

    and verses early in elementary school. In fifth or sixth grade I first started getting paid for my creations,

    but it wasn’t important for me, and of course it wasn’t my living goal that time.

    I’ve been feeling any narrative, as if the encrypted code. When you grow up, it is easy to lose.

    But when you are a child... you don’t just simply understand the salt of world, you truly fell the Truth.

    It doesn’t matter, where you are from: children are the same everywhere and they need the same values: Human. It has no boundaries.

    Just notice: Lewis Carroll, Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Perrault, The Brothers Grimm spoke their own languages: English, Danish, French, German... but above all, they spoke on Children's language.

    The same can be said about Cinema, not just about Cartoons or Family films, but about the mass Movies at all. Just notice: Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Ridley Scott, sir Alfred Hitchcock, Fellini, Andrei Zvyagintsev and The Brothers Weitz made films in their own style, if you wish, ‘dialect’...but above all, they spoke on the language of Cinema.

    Hooray! I’ve got it from so an early age, that it has become the turning-point of my life-storyline and the time my childish Dreams to turn to the aspiration of all my life – to show the power of my Imagination. After a manner. Or, no, I know, how I’ll do it... There is nothing else in world that I would devote more time to than being on the stage with my poetry or acting on the street, telling stories to people and with the passion and determination to succeed behind me, I will give that spark and flavour that storytelling and the performing arts is all about.

    I know I can offer so much, because it is the only profession where, maybe just for one night,

    I can become someone who I just created before in my mind and do a damn good job of being my personage – and I can easily say that I can offer the world, because creating a stories and telling them is my whole world. 

    It was always a little crazy inventor inside my soul beating by desire to try for something bigger.  

    And so I went.

    This summer I’ve attended the «Anatomy of Story» masterclass for the screenwriters and film-producers by the ‘‘Writing-Guru’’ John Truby. There at the final day of the class John singled me out as an up-and-coming storyteller and that’s encouraged my self-reliance (exc. at that day of workshop I had the graduation ceremony in my Moscow Arts High School, so it also was and still – is –a very special day of my life for my attitude thereof towards)

     Honestly, I have really enjoyed my high school time. Although I was concerned at the beginning about choosing mostly subjects with a creative core, I think that it was correct to follow my passion for these subjects as they have enhanced my Imagination and given me confidence in my ideas and my ability to share them with other people. Subjects such as English Language have taught me the importance of choosing the right vocabulary in my poems and articles and that the correct wording of a text can give it more meaning and powerful imagery. Having, in general, my poems and verses published, shouted out by many others and read out by myself from many stages – that gives me a sense of achievement and pride simply just because it really presents me confidence in my ability to be able to write something that others want to read or to listen to.

    Extra-curricular activities such as being part of the UN’s ‘‘Peace For Understanding’’ committee, dance underground theatre performing, radio hosting and other ‘media-grooving’ activities have helped me to develop skills such as team-work, people skills and the ability to work to a deadline.


    ...but after all of the graduations there, and after Truby’s classes there’s came a time I have had

    to make some decisions for myself, to find an answers for ‘Where?’ ‘Why?’ ‘When?’

    and, of course, ‘What?’ -questions of my future.  

    And I have chosen you NYFA.

    And now I am in.  


    Because I am highly aware of the superb reputation of your school,

    and any of my conversations with several of your alumni have served to deepen

    my interest in attending. I know that, in addition to your excellent acting school,

    your crafts based on world’s arts heritage and practice of the public lectures from the live Legends of Movies facilities are among the best in the state. I hope you will give me the privilege

    of continuing my self lifting-up at your fine institution and maybe, a helping hand, if choose.

    In terms of a career, I see myself in the big literature, writing novels and books, maybe criticism, and going into editing or publishing poetry, but at the same time I clearly see myself in the movie industry, creating a big stories using movies’ and film’s tools (because it is so powerful!), so, this intensive studies would be valuable to me in several ways. First, your screenwriting workshops program would provide me with the writing craft experience I am eager to acquire. Further, earning a Certificate from NYFA would advance my other two career goals by adding to my skills, both theory and creative, in working with not native language. Ultimately, however, I see the intensive practise and learning by doing, as a professional stepping stone; I enjoy practical studying for its own sake and would like to continue my studies on the Bachelor program. I understand that working in the Industry is a very competitive business, however I am determined to succeed.

    I think that this course will also offer me opportunities to further my understanding of the way a good story in its cinematic incarnation can influence and inspire people...

    Show them, maybe at first just how easy is it - to lift up their own soul and consciousness, which would make human being more pure, clear, enlightened and deeply contented at all. And over and above the personal growth shouldn't be about spending so much thousands of dollars on education and gear:

    it should be about fun, expression, and capturing your growing up’s moments, as I see.  

    Just because it always has to do with Dreams.

    And I’m also absolutely sure that everybody should have the Freedom to believe the kinds of Dreams they want to believe in... and it shouldn't rely on you having some kind of expensive degree, or fancy equipment. It actually relies on the human’s natural ability to appreciate.

                  Appreciation is not a moral or a nice ideal to aspire to. It’s state of the art technology

        for deep fulfillment and transformation. Appreciation is a magnet that attracts more blessings.

    This is why we should never complain. Not because it’s not nice. But because complaints only invite more things to complain whereas appreciation invites more blessings to appreciate in our lives.

    It’s just smart.

        You, NYFA really inspires me, with your meaning-full spirit and soul, and I truly appreciate you

    now, in advance: for your attention... and, also,..  because

    - even being located in a heart of the Big City -  it was really the Only One The Coolest and the most,

    as for me, extraordinary campus I have ever found at Google Maps :)

     Well, for me once again, that's all it is: to wait for the judgment of own worth, just for

    $5’000-$10'000 gratuitous, to begin to extend my Imagination from that moment this essay

    reaches its destination (and, as on a relay race, maybe gives me a Start...)

    So, how about a lift? (Because I am a practical Dreamer)

     And it’s absolutely so.

  • NOW

    Film & TV Industry

    Script Doctor

    I will make your headache go away. 


    Command Performance Productions

    Story Department

    New York City, USA

    Head of Story Department, Executive Producer

    New York City, USA


    "Alia is an up-and-coming storyteller. I wish her a good luck and look forward to read her scripts, no doubts it will happen very soon." 


    "Alia is a pleasure to teach and I have no room for improvement for her. She continued her superior performance in class and passed her final exam with flying colors. She is one of my most intelligent, diligent and motivated students."


    "Alia's scene work is very good. It is great to watch her perform. She is always there to jump in and help a peer. Her final projects were excellent. She proved to be a team player who gave more than 100% to her own work and the work of her peers. Alia's work is always fun to watch. She played an impressive variety of characters. Alia is a grounded actor, an excellent director and a thoughtful and constructive critic."


    "Alia wins most improved students ever. She is imaginative and has a passion with strong presentation skills. She came to class prepared and was a true asset to the class and program. Great work!"


    "It appears that Alia has a good relationship with her fellow students. In terms of class participation, she is extremely motivated and seems to enjoy sharing her thoughts on her fellow students work. Alia always comes to class prepared. Making a deadline seems to be the least of her problems. It is clear that she understands how to properly structure a script and has grasped the theory of compiling a sequence list and beat sheet. She put a great deal of work into research this time around, I credit her with really taking the time to sort out her story."


    "MAMA" Short Family Drama (2015)

    Writer/Director, Director of Photography

    In Short Film Festivals Circuit (therefore not available online)


    IMDb this title!


    Directed by Razz Leonard.

    Australia-USA co-production.

    IMDb this title!

    "The Cycle" Short Horror (2015)


    Directed by Doug Roos

    "AM I PRETTY?" Short Horror (2016)

    Co-Writer & Producer

    Co-Written and Directed by Paul Newnam. 

    Starring Steven Spielberg's "Falling Skies" and MARVEL's "Daredevil" actor Peter Shinkoda.


    Currently in post-production. 


    IMDb this title!

    "The KiddiePreneurs" TV Movie (2016)


    Directed by Chrissy Steed.


    IMDb this title!

    "Death Beach" (2016)

    Writer (Script Consultant)

    Directed by Ethan Tang .

    Australia-Malaysia-USA co-production.